Why should we go for Greeox? What makes you distinctive?

Greeox container is a highly engineered modular environment:  a moving 40 foot insulated shipping container that has been modified to provide the most favorable surroundings for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates.

We provide you the most efficient usage of resources with optimum saving in water and electricity. Secondly, our user-friendly software makes your work easy by providing you guidelines for maximum production and it’s optimized for your mobile device so you can operate your farm anywhere.

Do you need a work force for proper handling and observation of the process?

Our proficient system can be single handedly operated by an operator who needs to work for less than few hours a week. The whole system is self sufficient and doesn’t require monitoring.

Does the growing process uses harmful pesticides?

You will be glad to know that our system is free from the use of pesticides and other dangerous substances. As the cycle is repeated speedily pests cannot damage the plants and thus no detrimental sprays are used.

Does the container require regular maintenance?

Our team has ensured that we provide you quality product and thus offer you a One year guarantee on the hardware. We are certain that under usual circumstances, the container will function normally for many years.

How fast can I get returns on my investment?

Our team is always ready to help you out on investment strategies and assist you to opt for the highest return options. Please bear in mind that recoup of investment is not solely dependent on our system but it takes a lot of factors like the market prices of your harvest, per capita cost of electricity and water used, taxes in your region etc. We will be happy to assist you, Contact us.

Which plants can be grown using these systems?

Almost all types of plants can be grown using Grobinn technology but a specific environment which is set before hand in the container can only grow a particular plant. Different family of plants cannot be grown together as they would require different atmosphere.

Which vegetable has Greeox grown till date?

Currently, we have 38 different samples of leafy greens such as butter head, romaine, arugula, and herb which have been harvested using our technology. Every day the number of varieties has been growing rapidly with our research department carrying out different experiments. More emphasis is being laid on growth of Leafy vegetables.

Do the plants get sunlight?

No, they are sheltered in a closed environment and thus do not require sunlight. Plants need sunlight to perform the function of photosynthesis which helps them grow, we achieve that using high efficiency LEDs.

How does Grobinn container help the environment?

The system reduces the carbon footprint of the user by recycling 90 percent of the water used. Additionally, no carbon emissions are generated from transporting produce from farms to tables. Thus, by saving energy, water and fuel emissions we help reduce the harm caused to environment.